Why Organic Body lotion Moisturizes the Best

Get the best for your Body

Get the best for your Body



We all know our bodies are made of cells and those cells have been dealing with natural/ organic matter for centuries which has made them proficient at absorbing them. Getting the lotion to sink deep into your skin is really about two things.



  1. You get a lotion that stays on for a while
  2. It sinks into several layers of skin
  3. It is organic and absorb-able

Organic matter is what your body is used to deal with and has the most vitamins and minerals. Something a lot of people don’t know is your body can’t absorb 100% of synthetic vitamins. Statistic vary between 40 and 60 percent absorption when those go through your digestive system your skin won’t be anywhere near as high. So when you apply an organic apple lotion and those naturally extracted vitamins are applied to your skin the lotion “water” and “oils” as well as the vitamins can be absorbed for the maximum effect.

Some Lotions you shouldn’t buy

There are a lot of reasons why chemicals’ are added to body lotions. To make them dry out faster on your skin so you don’t feel like it’s wet for a while texture, look, and smell. None of these “side”  improvements to the body lotion actually help your skin to recover. Most of the time it just clogs your pores with the chemicals’ and unless you exercise regularly those can hurt your skin in the long run. So getting a natural source of lotion that is organically grown and ethically processed is the absolute best way to moisturize your skin.


We mentioned that application was important yes it is. The best way to apply any lotion is based on your skin. You can always tell when your skin is getting really dry and the best time of day to apply lotion is at night. Appling it at night allows it to sink in to your skin before you start sweating or moving which is really important.