What to Wear to A Neon Party | Girls & Guys

For girls or guys if there is a time to get your look hot and your fashion choices right it’s when you’re going to any party but especially a neon or black light party. At any good party there is a bunch of cute girls or hot guys and getting or outfit right is worth the time that it takes. Now not all fashion styles work on everyone so were going to give your good outfit ideas for both girls and guys which should help you pick well.

For Girls (Dresses)

Skirts or dresses both go great with a nice set of high heels. Usually a simple combination depending on what you get but usually a very sexy choice that girls just get right.


A perfect neon dress

Cute simple open back

Tight fit simple but Amazing!


If you don’t want to go with a dress then a cute set of shorts is probably the next thing you’re thinking about wearing. Well obviously tight short shorts just looks hot but maybe not going with neon is better. One neon T shirts stick out better because they are bigger and a simple white set of shorts can look equally as good without giving over the wrong impression. Neon clothes are really bright which in the world of fashion just means “Look here” so for girls it can give the wrong impression or just not look as good.

Three Great Styles for the Ladies (Outfit Ideas)

Cute Shirt Cutt off  (Great Style)

Cute Shirt Cutt off
(Great Style)

Great Accessorize

Great Accessorize

Jacket's go Great

Jacket’s go Great


For Men


First off you might want to check out

The girls are going to be playing on how “sexy” they can look by either hitting the dance floor in a cute dress, skirt, or tight shorts. Guys need to play on one of three things if they really want to get neon right.

  1. Muscles
  2. Words
  3. Customization
 Simply cool easily coustomizable  mens style  save water


Okay if you got muscles and are going to a party or club then show them off even if you’re not that big. Most guys’ neon shirts have a phrase on them such as “do you party”, “save water, drink vodka” or something like that. These tend to be a great way to make neon look really cool for guys; girls will use fashion, a custom bag, or some accessorize to spice theirs up.

Guys what to wear

Don’t overdo it make you look like your trying too much to stand out. Dressing from head to toe in neon clothes to be really bright probably isn’t going to get you or a girl the result you’re looking for. You want to look sophisticated, special, different, and interesting and neon has the ability to make you stand out but you really have to make the right fashion choices. This style was popular in the 80’s so be careful about any neon clothes as they can give you a very outdated look. The easiest rule for avoiding any overdoing or outdated look is only wear 1 piece of neon and you’re probably golden when it comes to looking good in this style on the dance floor.