What is the best body lotion?

If there was a one bottle fits all to this answer that product would easily overcome other competition and the reputation would easily will out. The trick is to find the best body lotion of for you and your skin. Were not all the same and we don’t all need the same thing from a bottle of lotion. Some are designed to moisturize the skin others are designed to remove wrinkles and so on. It’s up to you to find the best product with the results that you’re looking for, don’t worry there are some simple tale-tale signs that give away good lotion.

Since our bodies are different going back to what our bodies have been dealing with for centuries might be the best way to go.

Thinking about Organic Lotions, Creams, and Oils


Usually extracted from sources like coconut, lavender, or raspberry that are can come concentrated at 100% organic. This means you’re not getting any of those additives or chemicals that are put in consumer lotions today. The oils are easier for your body to intake due to their organic nature and the fact out bodies have been digesting and processing them for millions of years.

The excessive chemicals found in a lot of today’s lotions for texture, smell, and drying are nothing short of lab created and many of them are bad for your skin. Some are still keeping their product natural and using tea extracts for scent and are very good. As a good tip for picking out your next lotion read the ingredients on the back if it looks like it should be the make up for rubber don’t buy it. You want natural and good products for your skin because over the long run even a few bad chemicals can do damage.


The main point of lotion is to moisturize and keep your skin healthy. There are several ways to do this either with body lotion that contains sun protection commonly referred to as “lotion with SPF”. You can get lotion which has vitamins once you apply it they are absorbed right into your skin. Others are good for removing spots and wrinkles. So obviously you have to pick what you want your lotion to do then test out several different ones. Each body is different and reacts differently to everything which is back to stressing the main point that you need to find your best.


How and When to Apply

Not over applying lotion is important because if you put too much on, it can clog pores and this over time is not good. Keeping on a consistence regime is more important than just massively applying it then forgetting for a while. Most don’t have to apply more than 3 times a week but if you find your skin drying out then by all means apply it at whatever rate your body says. This really is a how do you feel about a lotion and how does your skin feel not so much any one kind is the best.