What are the Best Organic / Natural Body Lotions

best natural lotions

best natural lotions

Some common organic lotions that are not only natural but effective and healthy for your skin. Were going to look at the uses, prices, and the importance for using each product. These are all extracts/lotions created from fruit or plant matter.
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  • Orange
  • Coconut
  • Lavender
  • Apple
  • Grape




Oranges posses a wide range of vitamins such as.
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  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  •  Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

The reason organic extracts especially from fruits or even vegetables work is they provide a natural source of vitamins. That you apply topically to skin which helps your outer layer and even inner ones get the nutrients they need. Some would argue they get all the vitamins they need so why is it so important to use body lotion and eat a high vitamin diet? Because sun damage toxins and several other things can lead to your skin not getting what it needs.

*Organic extracts and creams based on oranges are known for their ability to prevent aging and heal up skin faster so fewer marks show up or get burnt by the sun which is the main cause of sun spots. It’s a good aloe to a sun burn or preventative option.


Coconut lotion is very well known for its thick characteristics that not only to hydrate very well but last a long time. It’s thick oils saturates and goes deep into skin penetrating a lot of layers and should be put on at night to really sink in to keep your skin heavily hydrated during the day. It’s the lotion you want to keep the moisture in your skin doesn’t usually have as many vitamins but the ones it does have are very rich. It’s a great source of topical vitamin c which as we all know is the biggest and most important of all vitamins especially for repairing.


Lavender is a personal favorite to many who like organic lotions, because of its ability to heal sun burn and reduce stress. Yes that’s right it’s a stress reducing smell. Most purchase lavender oil extract for the 100% solution it’s a great. Men it can trigger higher releases of estrogen which is not what you want so men don’t go with this option and if you do don’t apply it to much.


Back to the old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apples usually contain a large amount of trace minerals that make it such a good all purpose lotion. To keep your skin cells in ambient trace minerals and moisturized, it’s a good lotion for both men and women.


It’s now a proven fact that drinking a small glass of wine every night actually helps you live longer. It’s partially due to the stress relieving properties but also do the incredible amount of antioxidants and vitamins. Some of the organic grape extracts and lotions are simply the best you can do for your skin no matter where you live or how healthy you are.

Applying & Using Lotions

Each one of these different options has their advantages and strengths but getting the most of each will give you the most as well. By this we simply mean you develop a routine for applying various lotions or creams to cover a wide range of your skins need. This combine with some great organic products can help keep your skin stay super tight, looking healthy, and slow down aging tremendously.