The Easiest way to wear Neon Clothes

simple bright neonHaving a sense of style usually just means wearing the right clothes/style in the right amount and neon clothing is no exception. Neon is the brightest colors someone can buy but for the most part, people only have one issue making this style look really good, and that is over doing it. Here’s the reality if you’re a teenager going to a party, then go for it, but if you’re trying to make the style work elsewhere you probably need to tone it down.

The challenge is it’s a really appealing style and trying to pull off more color, and accessorize is tempting. This is an urge that should be avoided for both men and women but especially men. Let’s face it girls get more leeway on what they can wear and how they can wear it especially if they are hot. Guys on the other hand can easily send a message they didn’t want or just be downright criticized for their fashion. Though getting it right can make the difference between a full house and folding; ). It’s a challenge though because colors and the amount of them are important.

Neon Style

Unlike with many other styles you’re not trying to match or keep in a certain range. Usually you want to pick two completely different colors if you’re daring to wear two pieces of neon. Most like we have said ruin the look by overdoing it and getting the color combination wrong. But like with anything what can kill the look can also make it look great.

For Women

For girls going with a bright pair of pants and a white t-shirt or darker color can give you the flair you want but also look great. If you want to wear full neon then it’s usually best done with a skirt and or dress.

Neon for Women

For Men

A challenge for sure however a lot of girls are starting to like seeing guys in simple pink neon shirts. It shows their feminine side and they are not afraid to wear the color plus it’s becoming more socially acceptable. The issue is it’s a love or hate relationship usually either you look weak or strong and they like it or hate it. Usually pink for men is pulled of best if they have muscle only because it shows a degree of strength with a sense of style and caring.

Neon for Men