The Challenges of Getting Good and Cheap Young Driver Car Insurance

It Should be Cheap

It Should be Cheap

There is a difficult challenge that parents face when they’re trying to get a teenager or even their college student affordable and good car insurance. We’re not talking about the really cheap car insurance which does not offer the financial protection that they deserve. It’s about getting the right coverage and not overpaying for that coverage or getting more than you have to while still keeping a cheap monthly premiums.

To a car insurance company an 18-year-old is really no different than a 16-year-old until they reach the ripe age of 24 they will be considered high risk drivers. It’s a real challenge to find the discounts for young drivers and utilize other methods in order to get the insurance premiums that you’re looking for. Teenagers, young adults, and even 21-year-old are going to pay more for their car insurance. However there are a lot of things and ways that you can reduce their insurance premiums and almost more importantly keep them down.

Discounts and Savings

Before we go into the numerous discounts that will work with anyone from the ages of 16 to 21 let’s take a look at the coverage first which is far more important for teenage drivers. High risk drivers can have low insurance premiums however it usually means that they have to compromise and give up important coverage this is a mistake if they were really are a high risk driver.

Let me explain why, if you say a couple hundred dollars a year which is quite high for insurance savings odds are you’re going to lose that if they get into an accident. Accidents can have serious bills attached to the weather that is medical, injury claims, or other so investing in a little bit more coverage is usually the right way to go. The first thing that you should look for is usually personal injury protection insurance or full coverage car insurance both of them usually offer medical coverage and a wide range of coverage that standard policies do not.

For inexperienced drivers who are statistically seven times more likely to get into an accident you need to ask yourself what type of coverage should a teenager have? Besides the answer being a lot lets look at the most important ones. Bodily injury coverage is one of the most important types for young drivers because their tendency to speed also so has a tendency to cause serious damage. If they injure someone far beyond what the coverage will actually pay for they run the risk of having the victims in this case file injury claim for a huge amount of money against. This is an important type of coverage for young drivers and not because a lot of teenagers need it but it’s like a gun it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Depending on what state you live in comprehensive coverage is very important because of constant weather damage to cars. Cold-weather states where crashing, sliding, and hail storms cause a lot of damage to cars every year are the one you want to make sure you have a decent amount of comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage is obviously important and usually there is a sufficient amount required per state but some states fall shorter than others and you just want to make sure you have the amount you feel comfortable with. This might sound strange but let’s go with they crash into a $120,000 Mercedes there is a good chance you might be required to pay a portion of that Bill and just make sure that you get enough collision coverage to cover the amount that allows you to afford the difference.

Car insurance is an incredibly personal decision and each company offers different policies, discounts, and options which is why you have to look for the one that is best for you. The best car insurance companies are not always the biggest car insurance companies the ones which offer you as a client what you’re looking for are. Too many drivers only get quotes from the major auto insurance company and this is limiting because you don’t get that many options and you might be paying a lot more than you could be. Teenagers especially shop around because maybe one company doesn’t offer a solid family discount but another one and over time the bill adds up as we all know. The best discounts are when you go out and find which companies are giving you to you and your family. It’s not about one company is actually cheaper than the other it’s about which one considers you the best client based on how they look at quotes and information. Some very simple thing that drivers can do of all ages to reduce their insurance premiums young or not is pay a higher insurance deductible, continue to shop for car insurance as new discounts show all the time, combined insurance policy as this usually carry the largest discounts.