Simple Tips Buying Any Lotion

Best lotions

Best lotions

So you know how important applying body lotion is and want to know how to pick out the best lotion and even the best way to apply any lotion. The absolute best gel, cream, butter, extract, oil, or lotion you can get will be the one that responds well with your skin and soaks in giving it a deep moisturize. You want the hydration to last a while preferably the entire day or multiple depending on the environment.

So what keeps the moisture in your skin and best moisturizes anyone’s skin? A good lotion is one that sinks  into your skin quickly it’s like a good sun block the good ones sink in quickly and therefore don’t come off as easy better protecting your skin. An oil/water base product or extracts are usually the best way to go for several reasons. The oil sinks in a little slower but stays on really well while the water hydrates a little faster.

Organic Extracts Work

A full list of organic extracts and their benefits can be found here. Extracts/concentrates work because out bodies have been absorbing them for millions of years. Take coconut oil extract for example it’s vitamin rich oil that can be applied easily and penetrates skin well and the density stays on nicely. Same with many other extracts though they are usually more expensive average prices are higher it’s usually well worth it.


One of the reasons organic extracts/oils work is because they don’t have all the extra additives of regular store bought lotion. Whatever you’re putting on your skin regularly should not clog pores or contain extensive amounts of chemicals as they will seep right through your skin and into your body. There are a lot of great commercial options out there but finding ones that have natural additives and ingredients is getting though. You want something your body can easily absorb and won’t do any damage at the same time.

“ Aloe a  great example, the best thing for your skin after a sun burn before putting on lotion well a majority of aloe extracts on the shelf today have drying agents such as alcohol that in large amounts or multiple uses can do damage. Not to uncommon with acne products either, so always check the ingredients list to make sure you not getting what a bunch of scientist cooked up.

The best time to apply it is usually right before you go to bed so it has time to sink in deep and really get whatever nutrients or vitamins it has directly in your skin cells. If you’re in a cold place or find your skin drying out more often you might want to either switch what product you’re using or apply it during the day time as well. You have to see which products work for you and your skin then figure out based on your environment and life style how much hydration does you skin need. As long as you follow those simple little things you’re going to keep your skin healthy and happy for a life time.