Simple Styles Neon Party Clothes

Neon clothes are easy to get right once you know exactly what you want to look like in them. Starting with neon party clothes obviously you want something that stands out more but that can easily be overdone.  Colors are main mistake that people make when they are buying and wearing neon is they buy bright everything top to bottom. It is over powering and does not look sophisticated. Girls get it right more times than guys simply by wearing a pair of short shorts that don’t cost much and a nice bright neon shirt.  (Not one Solid neon outfit)

Simply good style in Neon Clothes

Guys just because girls can pull off more by simply wearing less clothes and looking hot does not mean you can do the same! So really, think about what image you want to be sending out first before you start wearing neon.

  • Yellow = happy, nice, easy going person
  • Blue= Deep, soothing, relaxing, * should be charming or just nice
  • Red= Passionate, sensual, pushy
  • Green= Healthy, fast paced ,
  • Silver, sophisticated, often looks wealthy, can look wrong easily on a guy though.

Girls really just need to be carefully what they are wearing is not too colorful and tight which makes them look like “a”, you know what. Neon party clothes look better if they look like they have been used means they are “scuffed up a little” there are some accessories and it looks playful as well as fun. Put some holes in your party shirt or put paint on them or get some markers. Brand new neon can look just silly especially if it is one solid color with no patters.  If you’re not sure how you look  asking a few friends and finding out “you might want to consider another look”  is better than taking it to a night club and looking ridiculous.

Party Neon