Ipad Battery Life

For frequent users of the Ipad that is important to learn simple tips on how to save battery. I will present some very easy steps to save battery life. They will cost you absolutely no money and will save you several hours each and every time that your ipad. One of the major improvements that Mac has made is the improvements to the battery life of the ipad this has made this device far more usable and reliable you get a minimum of three hours each charge. Three hours is a relatively decent time from a portable device such as this. These are very simple tricks it can be easily extended to five to ten hours.

Often times I had to get five to eight hours on a full charge who with some very simple tricks you can extend this to about 10 hours. The first thing to do is turn off Wi-Fi card, Wi-Fi cards can consume a lot of battery with this you should extend your battery life a half hour or an hour. Another device inside of the ipad that can consume a lot of battery is the Bluetooth. So if you do not need it is important that you turn off another note that in order to turn all of this off you simply go to settings goes to Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth and selects off it is very simple.

Probably, the biggest consumer battery on the ipad it is a locating service is the largest battery consumer. By turning this off it will add an additional one hour minimum and to your battery life. Often time people learn this the hard way they will be very surprised at how quickly the battery is going and will not realize that even though they did turn off Google maps is still running the locator in the background.

And if you really want to save battery life and are willing to compromise a little of the sleek look than a very good way to save power is to turn the brightness of the screen down to low as possible. By doing this you could save a lot of battery because this seriously does consume a lot of power.

In case you’re not using your media you really should turn it off. What was very surprising about the ipad was the even though the processes were off; they were still running in the background and were consuming a lot of battery. However, when you learn these simple tips and turn them all off, they will save you a lot of battery and help make the battery last longer and it good health.