Organic Body Lotion a Deeper Natural Approach

Organic Coconut

Organic Coconut

Protecting your skin and keeping it young and moisturized is incredibly important and sometimes organic is healthier for your body especially when we’re talking body lotion. When it comes to your body sometimes the most absorbed and best skin hydrating option is none chemical homemade just organic moisturizers.

Best Organic Lotions

When we say homemade we could be referring to oils or other skin moisturizers not like you grew it out of a garden or even organically produced lotions.  Some of the ones you probably heard about are organic coconut or lavender maybe others were going to go over several. If you’re going to be putting a lotion or cream on your body to moisturize your skin you probably want to go down to a whole foods to get the best “organic coconut oil” or any other for that matter.

There are a lot of certified organic lotions you can buy but some prefer to actually combine a few different oils. Some even mix in vitamins or minerals in powdered form so when you put it on your skin it is absorbed and goes straight down.

Organic lotions are sometimes scented others are not it just depends on if you want the chemical or other additives. Organic products are better quality than standard and will have less “negative” chemicals so it will moisturize your skin the best of any body lotion but is also more expensive. Buying pre made organic lotions can really be costly which is why you should know what to look for in order to make your very own organic lotion.

Cocunut butterSome common & Organic Options

  • Body butter
  • Sunflower lotion
  • Raspberry extract or Cream
  • Jasmine
  • Coconut (Great for deep moisturizing and over times removes scars)

A couple good sources that offer top products at 100% purity guaranteed to really hydrate your skin and be organic.

Both great sources for creams or lotions and have a wide variety of options. The largest reason people should go with organic lotion even though it costs more is that it moisturizes your skin better and doesn’t have the additives that clog up your pores. Body lotion is often only as good as how well your apply it. Don’t overdo it, your skin needs to get the moisture and hydration but it also needs to breath.

A light layer of cream or lotion regularly should do perfectly. Now I say regularly because some people’s skin dries out easier than others which is why they need to apply it more often. It’s a personal thing there is not one amount of lotion or size that fits all you just apply it till it feels and stays moist. A lot of people are looking for the lotion that will keep  moisture  the longest and that’s not really what you want. You want something that keeps your skin moist most of the time you will be applying it at night then it will sink in and hydrate. Your body will tell you how much lotion and hydration it needs and when you’re overdoing it so just listen to it and you will be perfectly moist. If your still interested in homemade lotions or the recipes (Click Here) .