Neon Clothing for Women

Neon – Night club or Beach


Ladies light it up with the brightest colors available neon, but before you do there are some quick shopping tips that you should take advantage of. Neon clothing was extremely popular in the 1980s so that means if you wear it wrong you will look outdated.


Bright Neon Clothes

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Good for clubbing just don’t wear a solid neon outfit and even though short and tight is the styles doing this with neon can send the wrong impression. Letting it fall a little and not having it to tight looks bright and comfortable.

Accessorize your Neon


Glow sticks or neon lipstick are great touches but also.

  • Bags
  • Socks
  • Shoes (Clubbing only)

Wearing For the Guys

When it comes to getting the guys if you just want one go with small shorts and a tight shirt, but if you want to get the more attractive ones dressing up might help. Make the outfit stick out that’s why you’re looking for neon clothes but also sophisticated. Looking trashy probably not the goal so keep your neon looking classy and the combination with other things is the key.  Women going with a vibrate short shirt covering a white or blue shirt can look great as long as you go the shoes to pull it off.  Girls can look very good with cut off neon shirts and short short’s simple combination great look for almost anyone.

Some Neon Styles

 neon to not wear !!!
neon to not wear !!!


Neon Worn well

Perfectly worn


Neon accessories