Neon Clothing for Girls A full Style Approach

Great look with "Rave Neon Leg Warmers"

Great look with “Rave Neon Leg Warmers”

Neon is a fashion, style, even a trend today like it was in the 1980’s. The incredibly bright colors make it stick out though it can make neon tough to wear right. Some color combinations and styles are great others not so much. Girls/women can easily benefit from a few tips on how to wash it, buy it, and wear it.

Neon as a Style

Well it can look amazing on women if but be care full not to overdo it. Starting with were you might wear it and then how it usually looks good, starting with parties, discounts, or clubs.

For parties or anything, girls you should customize & accessorize your neon it will give it a personal touch and will usually look better out on the dance floor.

Starting with “Rave Neon Leg Warmers” you can buy them online or at retail, stores for any were from $10 all the way up to $45. It is a new trend in the neon fashion for women. Though these are usually in multi colors or bright colors which is why you should make sure the ones you buy either work with or are similar colors to your neon clothes/outfit.

Second is neon markers and glow sticks for that personal touch to your outfit. Markers come in all colors usually can be bought online but regardless usual markers or even permanent pens can work because neon is so bright. If you are going to a party take your close and make them look it have fun most enjoy this part of it, it helps this style of clothes because that is what they are made for to look fun.

Accessorize it

There are a lot of accessorize for neon clothes, such as neon glasses, glow sticks, paint, markers, bags, and girls “even shoes”.  Like anything overdoing it can be annoying to you and look odd. You are going to a party and will want to dance and not have to deal with a lot of accessorize, so keep it simple here.



Even Neon Lipstick

Even Neon Lipstick








Buying Neon Clothes

If you are just going to customize them out and not really wash them right a.k.a “don’t want to have to worry about destroying them go cheap.” The bright color dyes they put on neon clothes to get that vibrant color can and will easily fade if you do not take care of the outfit. If you want to get buy more expensive neon then you just need to not leave it in the sun and wash it in cold water on gentle. Also be careful of what detergent you use, an easy way to color your other clothes is to wash them with something neon.

There are a couple looks that you could go for when you’re shopping.  The first is obviously sexy, fun, or straight up slu*y. The last option is not one you are looking for and wearing really bright tight neon clothes can do just that. If you are going to go with something neon and tight go with a bathing suit, a lot of girl’s party with one and with the right leg warmers can look great.

Most combine like white shorts with a neon shirt, looking great but still getting that sexy look while sticking out. Too much neon can make a girl look like she is “trying” too hard to stand out. A smart balance between neon and other styles is what makes you look stylish and sexy while standing out with this tough style.