Neon Clothes Warnings

Okay it is easy to get neon wrong and so many do weather they just do not care or do not know, were going to make sure you get it right.

Simple Questions

  1. Tight, bright neon clothes? What could you look like?
  2. Clean neon clothes on a “guy” in a club? Hmm not good

Since Neon clothes are bright and were popular in the 80’s wearing them with caution is a great idea. To many colors or to bright of ones can easily over power you and all people will look at is your clothes. You will be noticed but it’s probably not the attention you want. Over accessorizing neon clothes can make the outfit look busy and when combine with bright neon colors and for girls tight is very hard to get right.

Keep Neon Simple and Hot!

Keeping the colors simple and maybe not overly bright can help you stand out but not give the wrong impression.  It is really about how you feel about the colors if you feel confident and good in them then wear it if not the colors + attention + over trying can hurt not help.

Men’s Neon Suits

Guys there are some extremely bright neon suits and unless you have person and attitude to look comfortable and confident in it don’t wear it so 1,000 eyes stair right at you as you dripping sweat walking by. For guys wearing more than one super bright neon piece is usually a bad thing, girls can get away with it but not so much for guys.

In doubt Don’t wear it

Neon can wear people and person really need to wear “it” and if you do not feel comfortable with it than do not wear it, even if you are going clubbing.  Take it easy, keep it simple, and when in doubt do not wear it at all.