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Beautiul neon party clothesAttire is a formal word for clothes, which is exactly what you should avoid when you are trying to look good in neon clothing. If you keep it clean and tight, it probably will not look to good.

Neon Is a Party Clothing

As many know, it was a popular fashion in the 1980 which is a long time ago in terms of fashion. This just means you need to wear it right or look outdated. Let us look at neon party clothes, beachwear, and other exotic outlets were a larger range of outfits is the norm then we will cover wearing neon causally.


One of the coolest parties or clubs you can go to are usually covered with spinning moving neon lights and glow sticks creating this amazing atmosphere. Notice how many different colors there are, this really sets the stage for how you should dress in neon. For girls or guys neon is supposed to be warn in a fun and creative way which is why neon accessories are so popular. The only thing that girls need to be careful for is not making the neon part of their outfit to tight it can just send the wrong impression.

Guys or girls customize your neon make your outfit speak for itself for what you’re about. It is supposed to look fun, which is why you do not want to go in one solid neon colored outfit. For guys one piece of neon is usually enough however girls can normally pull of neon shorts/shirt.

So how should you customize your neon?

Accessorize if you are a girl but guys cut some holes out of it some were. Neon is supposed to look loose and fun and not tight and clean. Cut offs are great if you have the muscle to pull it off but even a little can do.

Casual Neon Wear


Now how does one wear this bright outfit casually? Carefully and not over doing any color is a great start. Stick to your solid colors and away from your more exotic colors like lime green. Some guys can pull off a full neon suit however these are usually not for casual use if you look good in it you might just be able to do wear it out. The whole point of neon clothing is the bright colors make you stick out and the outfit looks great but too many people over do it and do not start simple.

If you’re going out in a neon anything start with a simple color combinations and don’t overdo it. If it looks, good and feels good then get more or less depending on how it works out. You do not want to look like a giant fruit loop that is sweating out on the dance floor or walking down the sidewalk. Scale it up and if you are not sure you look good in a neon outfit it is probably a good idea to change it, done wrong the bright neon colors can make you look silly which is not the desired result.