Neon Clothes for Women

Casual Neon

Casual Neon

Women there are some simple doe’s and don’ts when it comes to neon clothes and especially bright neon. First thing you need to know is that neon was popular in the early and late 80s’ so obviously it’s making a comeback. This means you have to wear it differently to help it not look silly or slutty. If you wear super tight neon, you will be sending the wrong message. Girls shine bright in the club but don’t do it too tight.

Neon is great for getting attention, but girls can easily get singled out as slutty. So neon accessories such as bright lipstick or other is a great way to shine while still looking classy. Trust me when it comes to the guys you want to talk to you; they don’t want the girl who looks, they slept with the club and would much prefer that classy exciting one.

So colors are important don’t do one solid color, and if you do you need something to go with it. Whether that is glow sticks or whatever, but you need to diversify a neon outfit it’s easy to do but wearing a whole solid-color neon outfit doesn’t look good. If you’re hitting the club may be adding some cut outs in the back or paint to the front can make it look well used and cool. Plus it’s fun to customize it how you want to make it reflect “you.” Some girls write on their shirts this is a great way to tell everyone who’s interested what you’re like.


  • Make it reflect you
  • Don’t get it to tight
  • Customize it for yourself
  • Don’t wear one solid color

If you keep to these simple guide lines you should look stunning, comfortable, and you’re far more likely to have the guys you want chasing to be doing so. If you want further information on neon clothing for women (read more)