Neon Clothes for the Ladies

Hot, sexy, bright, and standing out all the things you want in one style and that is neon you just need to know how to wear it right. Yes the styles is coming back into fashion as one of the best party clothes and since guys are taking it on the designers are fast at work to make this trending even better. Some argue that these bright colors and designs went out of fashion in the 80’s and aren’t coming back in, well frankly they are wrong.

Simple how many guys have you seen recently wearing a neon pink shirt now in the 21 century, its okay for guys to wear pink without looking funny. The extremely bright colors are going back in style and getting expanded. The tough part for girls is not so much the brighter or wider range of colors but the intricate designs and variations.



The challenge for girls is finding a look that looks great on them which usually means shopping and trying on different clothes. I know this is very hard but it’s what you have to go through to really get this right. If you’re not interesting in doing so try and follow a few simple tips that can help you make the better decision when it comes to a fashion line that was popular in the 80’s.

Start with colors your comfortable with and wear regularly because you need to look comfortable and confident in what your wear. For controlling your look and starting of slow keep your shoes color relatively close to the neon you’re wearing and keep that down to one piece of “bright” clothing.

Why is it good to keep the neon down to one piece a shirt or a pair of shorts. Because full neon can look odd very easily and too colorful, it doesn’t paint the picture you want. Weather your wearing if casually or on the dance floor make it look like an addition to what your wearing not wear out almost full neon to get noticed. Trying to hard or being to colorful can give you a fruit loop look and unless you accessorize it well then odds are it looks silly.

Ladies going with a diverse and fun look usually looks better than a solid neon colored outfit even if you have good accessorize. It’s really meant to be a fun style and too many wear it as a clean or mostly clean option even casually. For guys this can look great but for girls it can send the wrong impression if it’s too tight. Start small one or two piece of neon then add on if it’s working most neon is relatively cheap if you buy locally or from online and test it out.

If you’re going to a party play with it cut holes, draw with sharpie, put paint over it. Whatever you want to do in order to make it scream fun while adding a personal touch to this unique style, neon is usually not the best material for super tight clothes. This usually depends on the girl wearing it and how they wear it though, let’s just say it’s easier to give the wrong impression with super bright colored neon. So take it easy have a great time play, you’re your very own designer of this style and the look it’s both cheap and fun to rock out.