Neon Clothes for Teenagers

Girls knowing how to be stylish while keeping it casual and confident is the key to staying cool and popular, your clothes fit better/look better you feel better weather you’re in high school or going to a party. Guy’s especially teenage guys have little to no sense of style and before you try wearing something bright like neon we need to help you with your fashion.

Trends in the Fashion World

So many teenage girls go with the current trend because it’s in fashion but if you’re looking to add neon anything, to your wardrobe than you need to get off that bandwagon. With the rest of your closet keeping modern and staying in the popular trend is great but not with neon. Neon clothes are mostly used for parties, dances, and when you want to be very bright and noticed. As most of us know if we’re going to a party we want to stand out especially girls. So remember this is a really fun style and you need to customize it or accessorize it. Unless were talking dresses or casual wear and even some casual wear looks more stylish with a personal touch.

Guys & Party Clothes

Okay so one of the main questions boys/guys and even men have with neon is how do I wear neon right and make it look good. This style was popular in the 80’s so getting it wrong especially for guys is a bad thing. You have probably seen girls around your school wearing a piece or two of neon casually but how should guys wear it. Guys can easily look like they are trying to hard when they start adding and customizing their closet unlike girls.

As we all know one of girl’s favorite sports is usually clothes and shoe shopping!

Keep the style cool and not too bright you don’t want to look like a fruit loop. Men should leave muscles or a good confident attitude to do most of the talking not their choice in style especially if they have gotten all the way to neon. If you’re going to a dance or party then again customize it cut holes or get neon sports attire as it can look great and already be a cut off. Neon is a cool style guys can wear but just don’t overdo it.

Neon is a relatively affordable style unless you’re talking some costume dresses for girls. Most of the time you can buy this style at major clothing retail stores or online. Girls since there are more options for you shopping online for the style or cut that you want is probably better. Boys since your style is going to be more casual shopping locally might be the best option. Saves you Shipping!

Guys if you’re into sports there are some great shirts and warm up pants that are coming out on the market especially for running which are great fashion choices. Even for neon parties neon colored sportswear is designed to dry off quickly (sweat) and to be comfortable to dance in and be bright which is really all you could ask for in any fashion.

The most important thing about neon is it’s an addition to your outfit not an entire one unless were talking dresses obviously. Too many girls like to go all neon which can look good but can also look slutty or just trashy. So if you’re going to concerto or dance and want to add more neon then get accessorize they add on well while still looking good and bright. Keep it simple and stylish don’t overdo it or look like your trying too hard and it will be a huge success for guys or girls.