Neon Clothes for Men

Men's Neon Shorts

Men’s Neon Shorts

Yeah girls look amazing in neon clothes, especially at the beach or at a night club so what about guys? Well, it can look good, but it’s also like blonde hair some guys can pull it off while others just look like they need a boyfriend. Remember you need class when it comes to buying neon clothes so it doesn’t send the wrong impression.


Short Neon Shorts?

Very wrong impression and will make you look stupid even at a night club. If guys are going to pull of neon, they usually need to keep it down to one piece of clothing that is neon. Also having a use or reasons for wearing it can be important. If you’re a dancer and have that outgoing / shocking personality than you can probably pull it off. It’s not so much the clothes you wear but how you wear them; we have all heard this, but it’s especially important when it comes to neon.

Neon clothes were big back in the 1980 so remember it’s considered out fashioned unless you’re going to a beach or nigh club. With guys and neon, you need to have good controlled hair even if it’s spiky don’t have frizzy hair. This is a type of clothing you will only wear for a specific event and to pull it off you need to look that part. You’re using the bright clothes to be seen then to impress everyone with either muscles, character, or just a good look. If you just randomly pick a neon shirt and run out the door with something that doesn’t match it, you will probably be secretly laughed at.

 Let’s Talk Colors

  • Yellow = Vibrant ( Happy personality)
  • Blue = Sea like (Cool and Stable)
  • Red = Not good for guys —– (Aggressive)


Remember wear what is comfortable to you and for guys if you’re wearing neon pant’s than you should go with a longer and baggier look. If you’re going to “shine out” look like you’re comfortable with it. If you think, you’re not pulling an outfit out guys really just take it off. Girls as long as the shorts are short or the top is showing they are fine not a whole lot of people are looking at the clothes if you know what I mean. Guys not pulling it off just looks you’re trying too hard, and it’s not attractive.


Shoes an important part of any outfit, especially one that is a bright as this is a good area to go all out or conservative, if you’re going with one piece of neon than go with conservative shoes. If you’re going all out than get some neon’s on. Guys can sometimes pull of neon suites; they are expensive and can be good for getting attention again it’s more difficult to do. If you just can tell if you look good or stupi* just ask your relatives or friends. Friends will be more inclined to tell you it looks great and relatives will be more likely to be repulsed so keep this in mind.

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