Neon Clothes for Men Extended Editions


Guys neon clothes done right

Guys neon clothes done right

Yes men, chaps, lads, and gents even the long page is worth reading if you want to get neon clothes right it’s your looks and it’s a vibrant one.

Picture this girls staring at you, sticking out more than usual because you’re in bright neon clothes you look amazing the outfit worn well. Yes it’s possible and no none of us look amazing in all styles and wearing neon is tough so let’s get it right.

Neon Attire for Men

Attire? What an old word well so are neon clothes the style was popular in the 80s and if you get it wrong it can look (A) trocious.

So let’s Talk Colors

Getting neon right for a guy is similar to cakes. You need a good base with an excellent frosting on top. Don’t make it to sweet or they won’t want more than three bits.  Good base colors for men include.

  • Blue
  • Light Green
  • White / off White “obviously there’s no such thing as off neon white”
  • Neon yellow often has a great affect because studies have shown yellow makes people happy “color of daylight the sun”
  •  Pink – often shows he is in touch with his feminine side it’s a tough style for guys.
  • Orange – bright, healthy, and a positive color.
  • Red – Sensual, aggressive, and outgoing need to be careful how you act when you wear it as it can come across very tough.

Exotic Neon Colored shirts

When you wearing neon clothing keep the style fun and rough, good neon outfits for guys are tough and a little messy. Very few guys can pull off a full neon outfit that is clean and it’s usually a neon suit.

Let’s Talk About Uses

Neon clothing is usually not a casual wear unless you’re a teenager up to your early twenties. Neon is just too bright and can look odd. So options for neon clothing include the beach, neon light parties, discos, and of course clubbing.

Exotic Unique Neon clothes

You want your neon to look unique and a little mess again that is important. It’s just good for style for men unless you are actually in a neon suit. Getting some neon pen’s and decorating or putting words on your neon shorts or shirts is a great option and done right can really spice up your class.

Neon needs to be washed on gentle and use cold water or you will easily ruin the bright dyes that are in the fabric and any customization that you might have done will fade easily. Neon looks great on a the beach on girls try using muscles if you’re a guy unless you find a really cool neon baiting suit. If you’re going partying putting a couple holes in the shirt can look great or maybe making a cut off if you got the muscles to do so.

Cost of Neon Clothes 

The cost of neon varies tremendously but buying expensive might not be your best option. The issue with neon is the bright dyes that are used on the fabric can get easily ruined if they are not washed right. So if you do buy expensive neon clothes than be sure to wash it properly and try not to leave them out in the sun too much.  Luckily for guys neon is a lot cheaper than for girls something about high end designers redoing their clothes lines ha-ha!!!

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