Neon Clothes for Girls

Women's Pink Neon Dress

Women’s Pink Neon Dress

Neon clothes are the brightest look women can wear no matter if you’re a teenage girl, going to a party, or even looking for some good casual wear.  The bright colors are what make it great for prom and homecoming dances, the unique fashion and radiance of this style is what gives it such a fun party look.

A Good Look for Neon Parties

It really doesn’t matter the occasion homecoming dance or if you’re hitting a neon party / club this style has some rules.  Anyone can wear it but making it look hot and sexy for the dance is tough. With this style being so bright, for girls it can go from hot to slutty real fast. Tight short shorts look sexy but most girls know keeping it looking unique and classy is better than being “that girl”.

You know the one who does anything for attention.

Teenage Girls or Women

Stick to these simple rules for neon clothing and you should be well past stylish for anything.

  1. Pick something unique or combine different neon clothes till it is a fresh outfit.
  2. Don’t overdo it going to bright can make you look like you either have no sense of style or just want the attention.
  3. Customize it, if you can. Some dresses probably won’t work but for most parties you can get away with putting a little personal flare into your outfit.
  4. Don’t wear it like the 80’s very bad style for any party, unless it’s a recreation of the past.
  5. Usually wearing one piece of neon clothing is enough.


The simple mistake that girls make with this style is just overdoing it or going to bright. Sometimes even though you’re going for that unique standing out look keeping it simple is a good thing when it comes to these super bright colors. Most importantly girls when it comes to neon clothes don’t go to tight or short as it can easily give the wrong impression.