Neon Clothes are Bright

Bright Pants

Bright Pants

Whether you’re a guy or girl looking to hit a nightclub or the beach, there are some simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to overly bright neon clothes. The first thing is neon if done right looks amazing at a nightclub and girls if you’re looking to get seen at the beach and really stand out a neon yellow will do the job. First, you have to consider color and there really are only three primary colors that look good when it comes to overly bright neon.

The first is yellow, and this is good for both girls and guys usually better for girls and usually the best on the beach. Next is a green great for guys, especially if you’re wearing it with a darker colored pair of shorts and some good shoes. The challenge neon is it was popular in the 80s and if worn incorrectly for guys it makes you look like a complete retard and for girls a little too slutty. You have to pick the colors well even if you’re going to a nightclub an all going neon outfit might send the wrong impression.

Don’t wear it in a solid color don’t go with all green neon is supposed to stand out and look different. So you don’t wear green neon shirt and green neon shorts with premiums and shoes. This would look very stupid and odds are you’d be hurting yourself-image and not improving. When it comes to overwrite shirts, there are some, which have mixing colors of these tend to look rustic and its a little better for guys. Often, there are some yellow suits their neon, which is extremely bright these are usually only good for hitting a nightclub, and it’s not good for anything else.

The second big mistake that a lot of teams make is they go with super tight shot it’s not need to be super tight that’s where look slutty for girls. Guys a neon muscle shirt can let well, but if you don’t have muscles, it really is get out. You want where it’s to the point where it makes it look comfortable that you didn’t aim for the smallest size you can possibly get, and that you are wearing it and it is not wearing you. Looking the part with something that sticks out is important because you have to look comfortable and it. If you don’t look comfortable and something that yells at the whole room, I’m different than if not going out. If you’re wearing bright neon and sitting in the corner of the nightclub unless you have a good reason to be there is going to do the opposite of what you want.

Get good Bright Neon Clothes 

Red this work when it comes to neon they don’t tend to be as bright as your greens or your yellows but this is what makes them more compatible with even nice dress hands, and you can stretch the uses for the sure out little more. Guys you have to have a good persona when they’re trying to pull off neon a happy one that sticks out otherwise the close will overpower them as far as appearances concerned, and it probably won’t help. Keeping a smile if you’re a guy and wearing bright cocktail colors is a good idea. You need to shine as much as the overly colorful clothes you’re wearing.

Neon clothes can fade very quickly, and you need to be very careful about washing them correctly especially really bright ones because the ink will die down pretty fast if you just wash it-like regular clothes. Another thing about neon is there a lot of accessories and things that come in the neon colors such as lipstick and bracelet, and these can be a very good balancing effect to overly bright shirts.