Look Stunning In Neon

Look Stunning in Neon

Over doing, the whole neon outfit is easy especially if you are a guy. Try to remember that these types of clothes came from the 80’s done wrong and you can certainly look fun. Do not wear them too tight keep them loss so you look comfortable in your bright neon clothes.  When you are shopping weather, you are a girl or boy you want a few things in your outfit and remember this checklist.

Check List

  • Comfortable
  • Some small design
  • Modern
  • Not a complete outfit in one color
  • Not to clean

As long as you follow, these simple buying rules you are going to look great. Keeping it simple is a great way to wear anything but especially neon because the bright colors stick out easily. The most common mistake people make is just wearing too much neon and it really just looks to bright and colorful. If you are a girl it can distract people from your body or face and guys the same.  Done wrong can make anyone look strange or just give off the wrong impression.

Girls even though tight and short things look great on you neon is a different story. Let the colors speak and not the cut off as the combination can make you look like something you don’t want. If you are wearing in public keep it simple usually, a nice neon shirt with some other good choices really looks great. So for guys keep it down to one piece of neon and girls it’s a good rule but you can push it. Overdoing it is easy when it comes to neon clothes and looking great is the goal so test them out and add a little more if you’re getting the response you want.