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Big Charcoal Grill

Big Charcoal Grill

If you’re not into the propane options and like doing things the old fashioned way which too many tastes better and still want to cook for the family there are some great options. We’re going to go over some of the things to look when you’re buying a large charcoal grill.

Issue number one with big grills is they are hard to move and you need “WHEELS.” Also since they are usually expensive getting a complimentary grill cover is a bonus. Some large grills are two compartment’s others are one. A lot of grilles prefer the double because they can cook two different meats at a different temperature which is important if you frying steaks and chicken, others do just fine with the single grill platform. One of grilles favorite features added to grills is the little tables added to the ends to hold things. Some grilles like the large stainless grills that site outside for looks others like the one you can just cover and takes up a little space but that’s a personal choice.

Grill Check List

  • Side Table
  • Rollers
  • Double Compartment (Optional)
  • Grill cover
  • Propane optional

Large charcoal grills are pricey ranging from $120 to $1,000 and up if it’s a large stainless “look good grill.”

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