Is Body Lotion Important?

lotion applied regularly

lotion applied regularly

Body lotion is a wide term that includes creams, oils, gels, extracts, and any other product that people use on their skin whether that is for anti-aging, healing, or just moisturizing. The first question most people start by asking is “How important is body lotion?”

Well what’s important varies from person to person let’s go over some of the advantages and you determine for yourself if it’s important to you. Well applied and if you get the right lotions, creams, or gels it’s the best way to take care of your skin and protect it from the elements. Most good lotions help with aging and keeping your skin healthy and moist. If healing, protecting, and moisturizing is important to you then you need to learn the purpose of different lotions and really understand what’s good and what’s not.

It’s Personal

Dang right its personal this is something that you need to asses by yourself and not off a label. If you find your skin getting dry throughout the day and your main reason for applying lotion is to keep more moisture in then you either need to get a better solution or apply it more. Just because the instructions direct you one way doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best way to apply it. Obviously you shouldn’t overuse any product so always be intelligent in the application of any substance on or in your body.

Younger You

One of the main reasons people apply body lotion is keep their skin healthy and make it look younger which is a great reason but some lotions and approaches are better than others.  What are the most important things to look for in a lotion?

Water content, additives, and affect are the easy and straight forward way to determine the best lotions.  Water and oil is important key ingredients because the most important thing that lotion or creams does is moisturize. Notice the back of shampoo or conditioner bottles look like a chemical dictionary? Needless to say you don’t want any cream or product you’re going to be using on your skin regularly to look like that.

Natural Body Alternatives

There are a lot of organic alternatives and products because it’s natural and contains vitamins naturally which help your body absorb it even easier. No matter what result you’re going for softer, tighter, or younger skin there is a great product(s) out there that can help at any age, early 20’s or late 30’s it’s never too early or late to start protecting your body and skin.

Keeping your skin moist is important and properly done can make a huge difference in the long run especially if you start young and do it right. You shouldn’t just leave it to a cream or lotion to keep your body moist but also add the right nutrition and follow the 10 tips to keep skin healthy & looking young.


Q: What is the function of lotion?

A:  Primarily to moisturize and keep skin from cracking and stay healthy. Is used to reduce and prevent aging as well as remove scars.

Q: What lotion will keep moisture the longest / most?

A:  Usually organic oil based extracts really penetrate deep into your skin like coconut cream or lotion.

Q: What age should you start using lotion?

A: During early years and up until mid twenties your body produces enough oil and hydrates your skin. Usually physical activity which is responsible for removing waist from your body and skin as well as hydrating it falls to the back of the to do list. So around mid 20’s to early 30’s depending on the sun exposure and other things is a good time to start.


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