Important Body Lotion Questions & Answers

does body lotion workQ: What is body lotion?

A: Body lotion is anything you put on your skin to help moisturize it and that includes creams, lotions, oils, and butters.


Q:  What is the Purpose of Body lotion?

A:  The purpose of body lotion is to moisturize the skin and provide it with needed vitamins and minerals that might be lacking. Some are also for removing sun burns and blemishes but it’s usually a result of the right vitamin or mineral.


Q: What is the importance of body lotion?

A: Skin is the largest organ in your body responsible for in taking water, air, and vitamin D from the sun along with many other vital purposes. Using body lotion will help it age better and perform all of the essential functions that it plays in your body. Short version lotion is important and necessary to your skins peak performance against elements and age.


Q: Is body lotion necessary?

A: Different than is it important but necessary and this is one people have to judge for themselves girls and guys are going to make very different choices usually. The purpose of body lotion is to help you look better longer reverse and prevent damage to skin and it helps your body function better. Do you need it to live? No but it helps and over 50-80 years can make a big difference.


Girls vs. Guys on Body Lotion

Girls being more image conscious usually start lotion early on even for just keeping their skin soft. Guys on the other hand usually don’t unless they are modeling and take more care with their body. The issue is over time applying body lotion consistently can really help and make long term affects. Some guys see using body lotion as “girly” it’s really not it’s just taking care of the body you have.