Electric Indoor Grill

Grill and Griddle ElectricWith electric indoor grills it’s tough to say one model is better another, what you need to know is what you want in yours and what to look for. Starting from the traditional charcoal grill to the more common gas/propane all the way to the newest electric grills; needless to say this is the youngest of the three.

The Grill

There is a difference between  and a griddle and a grill. One is flat “Griddle” and the other has arches. Don’t be confused because some griddles don’t get as hot as electric indoor grills which are designed to cook meats. A cheap griddle is meant to cook things like eggs and pancakes usually. Size plays a very important role when you’re buying one of these as they tend to be difficult to fit and put away due to their shape. Going to big is usually not a good idea for indoors.


 Eclectic Grill Reviews

It does matter what manufacturer or model you’re looking for always look for reviews on that specific one. There are some great electric grills that are easy and last for years others “Not even close”. So be sure you go on like Wal-Mart or online retail sites to check out the reviews before you buy.


Power Usage / Breaking


The largest issue with these unites is they can take a lot of power and if you don’t up keep them well they do break. Since these are still somewhat new to the market it doesn’t matter how much you pay for one you still have to take good care of it if you want it to live. Most find it really nice for grilling in the winter when it’s snowing outside when you still want a good hamburger. Overall though the half grill half griddle is usually the best investment and is used the most.