Cheap Bbq Grills

great cheap grillsWe all love a good bbq but many of us want “cheap grills” to just have fun and not spend too much. There is a great way to get a cheap bbq grill or grills at far cheaper rates then market and get an even better grill.

  Cheap but Good

You could go buy a standard cheap grill online but we all know you might not get what you want it’s a cheap tiny thing from poorly manufactured. What any griller wants especially for this outdoor object is a quality grill (that won’t rust) and a deep fireplace just in case. Going just a little bit above the lowest price options is where you can find these simple but high quality grills.   So the best way to get a cheap quality bbq grill is waiting for a sale usually around the start of football season.

You can find good bbq grills for extremely cheap rates at Lowes, Wal-Mart, and just about every retailer. Though Weber is still seen as the leading grill maker you probably won’t find as cheap rates on those as other not so “name” brands. The cheapest grills are charcoal so if you’re just looking to save money then going their directly to that section. Though the sales and discounts are so good it’s worth looking at the gas and propane options.

Gas Vs Propane Vs Charcoal


Some old timers won’t give up the old ways and stick hardy to their charcoal grills, claiming it does the best job at cooking their meat.

–          To each  his own

Some like the constant and easily controllable heat of a propane grill. Most electric ones today allow you to heat one side of the grill more than the other so you can cook to your guests costume choices easier. Also depending on how good of griller you are it can be tough to start a charcoal grill depending on the what you’re using. Always think these things through before making a final decision on what grill you want.

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