Bar B Q Grills

the right bbq grillNot all bar b q grills are created equal, no some are good for outdoors, others custom cooking, others are made for lasting.  What do you really want in your grill might actually surprise you so let’s go over some of the options and benefits so you can then pick the one that is best for you.

Charcoal Grills


You always liked that pizza cooked in a furnace or that meal over a fire, that distinguished smoky outdoors flavor. Well that’s one of the most important benefits of a charcoal grill which you can also burn wood in.


  • Traditional / sporty very respectable
  • Most individuals like how they cook meat
  • You adjust what charcoal, wood, or other you burn
  • Almost always lighter and easier to move
  • They don’t break down ( unless they are left to rust out)
  • Cheaper and more readily available at Lowes, Wal-Mart, and online
  • Large charcoal grills are far cheaper


  • More difficult to start
  • Won’t work in some rainy conditions that some gas ones would
  • More messy
  • Requires more constant observation
  • Heat variations

Overall it’s a great grill for anyone who is cooking for 4-8 people and that are not overly picky as far as how they want their meet done. Since there is variation in the heat it can be tough to get that perfect grill for the person who wants’ it well done or over easy. (And is just oh so dramatic and picky)

Gas Grills


Yes grilling went modern and there is propane and gas grilling today that has become increasingly popular amount grillers. Starting with the clear loss in grilling tradition the gas grills have many advantages over charcoal.



  • Clean smokeless (some consider this a disadvantage because the smoke is what gives meat that fire cooked smell and taste)
  • Starts easily
  • Almost all have a thermostat
  • Can easily and reliably control the heat
  •  Many allow you to adjust the heat of two sides usually split down the middle so you cook each side at a different heat.



  • More costly
  • More likely to break
  • Costs more usually
  • Loss of that Smokey goodness
  • Heavier
  • Usually have to go to special store to get a refill bottle (which are heavy)
  • *Can Explode

No question the gas ones today are fare easier to operate but you are giving up a lot to just make it easy. Considering how often you might grill going through the extra effort to make it traditional and bring that flare back is worth it for most. Though it doesn’t really matter what charcoal grill you have even with a Weber it’s tough to get a perfect controlled heat, no matter how good you are. So take a look at price and availability for the propane in stores near you, it’s a pain to have to go a ways just to get another one.  Also due to the availability the charcoal grills go on sale more often and at better discounts so finding a high quality cheap charcoal grill is much easier.