Getting the Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Lotion on Skin

Lotion on Skin

Getting the best body lotion for your dry skin can keep the moisture in and help get rid of cracks and any itchiness. Though I can be difficult to find the right lotion for two reasons not just any lotion will work and commercial body lotions are not as good as they once were.

Why it’s a personal skin Problem


When people figure out they have dry skin weather that is from moving to a dryer climate or are getting more sun which can cause evaporation and leave your skin dry. The issue is just because you’re getting moisture on your skin doesn’t mean it can sink deep in your skin/pores to actually do its job. The first thing that everyone has to address with dry skin is how they are applying it.

The Application of Body lotion is Very Important


If you apply body lotions then go directly into the sun or outside and sweet it’s going to reduce the affect of any body lotion and is a common cause of dry skin.  Even if the person is buying the best or a good body lotion it’s tough to get the affects of a sun block even Spf 100 if you wipe it off. The best time to apply body lotion is at night this is very important because it gives the lotion time to sink down into the 7 layers of skin you have.

Issues with Commercial Lotions


There are a lot of commercial body lotions available today and many of them look, feel, and smell great but that’s not their main purpose. They are designed to moisturize your skin and keep any additional moisture from evaporating. The added chemicals can actually do damage and even if it’s a little over years that can mean a lot which is something you don’t want. This is why natural body lotions have become so incredibly popular and wide sued for even the most difficult dry skin.  Being naturally extracted your body is very familiar with these products and absorbs them easier than a synthetic or combined versions.

Best Body Lotions


The best body lotions do two things very well and are usually a combination of several lotions and creams. They keep in the skins moisture and add more, the reason most women and men rely on multiple lotions is to add vitamins and minerals topically. This super charges the affects of a lotions when combine and several of them like coconut or other actually inject vitamins directly on to skin. It’s important to change it up and try each one out individually to really see how well one workers over the other and experiment.

Experimenting to Moist Skin


Not every lotion will work for your skin or body so try a lot of them out till you find one or a few that do the job and just remember to apply them at night. One of the largest benefits to using body lotion is it reduces skin damage and helps ageing.



  1. What causes dry Skin?

Dry skin can be caused by a lack of hydration, not exercising, dry or extremely sunny climates. Moving to a different climate especially a cold one can dry your skin out. Some people have more moisture in their skin others don’t it’s really a per person thing, no one size fits all. Some times under serious conditions it’s caused by internal issues but those are rare.

  1. Can drinking more water help my dry skin?

Yes, it can easily help dry skin most expert’s recommend 8 large glasses of water a day and most adults don’t consume half of that. No wonder dry skin is becoming more and more of an issue today. If just consuming more liquids doesn’t solve your issue than start with a good lotion is recommended.

  1. What lotions are bad for me?

That’s a very broad question but any that have too many artificial or synthetic chemicals that are used to dry, add texture, or smell to the product. These are just additives and not needed ones which can really do damage over time.