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There are some simple things you should know before you hire a car accident attorney that could help you make a better decision. Auto accident claims are very expensive and for a lot of victims, a risky undertaking so knowing every option becomes important. There are a lot of individuals who want to protect themselves financially if they lose the claim which requires completely different decisions. Then a person who is trying to give themselves the best chance at winning. There are three major factors that affect almost every decision that you will make. The first is, how much do you need compensation? The second is how much financial risk you are willing to take. The third and most important is the evidence and how clear are or unclear it is at supporting or not supporting your claim. These important aspects of any accident claim will affect every decision that you make.


There are three main pieces of evidence that you can bring to an injury claim which are very trusted. The most importance and weighed piece of evidence in the eyes of the jury is the police report also referred to as an accident report. This document generally makes claims easy or hard to win. Another trusted piece of evidence that you could bring to a court is an eyewitness who saw the accident. Another document that can be useful is the insurance report this is normally a very detailed description of the damages. This document can be used to better illustrate the direction and speed that the other driver hit them. The easiest claims to win are ones that the defendant was either driving recklessly or drunk. Recklessness normally is described by driving over the speed limit or weaving through traffic. The defendants will generally try to blame the accident on something or someone else. A very common reason that many defendants will give is whether or another driver. However, in most cases if the defendant was speeding, then it won’t really matter what they try to blame the accident on.

Car accident attorneys

Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Attorney

There are three main ways that a car accident attorney will Bill their clients. The first is a one-time fee which covers every also known as a flat fee. The second and the most common method that car accident lawyers will use is a flat fee, hourly rate, and a percentage of the compensation. Most car accident attorneys will charge an hourly rate while in court and for any consultations. Another method which protects the client the most is no-win no fee. This means that you do not owe the car accident attorney anything, unless he wins your case. Some agree to a flat fee if they win the claim while others get a larger portion of the compensation.


Flat fee billing

Flat-fee billing is great for cases that are relatively uncertain, and the client is not interested in giving a percentage of the compensation. Often times flat fee attorneys charge $10,000 a case and up. So for a case that has excellent evidence and clear recklessness you might be losing money with this option because you paid so much before you got compensation.

Hourly billing, small flat fee, and percentage of compensation

This type of billing is commonly used by attorneys to help clients financially while still making some profit, even if they lose. Almost all car accident attorneys charge a consultation fee and an hourly rate while in court. However, by getting a percentage of the compensation, they will reduce the consultation fees and the hourly rates. So as long as they get the compensation for you, and you have that money you can then give them a percentage.

No-win no fee

This is an amazing option which protects the client financially the most. In this system, you don’t owe the attorney anything until he gets you compensation. So if you have a high-risk case, anyone protect yourself financially since you are more likely to lose this is normally the best option. This system has some very large benefits but some very simple downsides as well. The largest downside is that since the attorneys paycheck is completely based on whether or not he wins the compensation, they are always more selective about the cases they pick. Furthermore, since they are risking more they tend to get a very high percentage of the compensation once they win. However, for extremely high-risk cases and if you’re trying to spend the least amount of money to go to court these types of lawyers tend to be the best option.

If you’re not interested in going to court hiring a car action, there is another alternative, which could save you a lot of time and money. In most cases where there is solid evidence against the defendant you can normally get them to sign the out-of-court agreement. This agreement will be for monetary compensation, which will be paid out as a legally binding contract was set up. This normally requires a car accident attorney to set up but in most cases, it tends to save everyone involved a lot money.