Travel Insurance for Seniors

What we will cover in this article include

  • Getting senior travel insurance
  • Getting senior citizen travel insurance
  • Getting senior travel insurance abroad
  • The company’s point of view for risk assessment
  • How to write your application in order to have the best chance of getting accepted
  • What will affect your premiums each month
  • And So much more

Getting senior citizen travel insurance can be a very easy thing to do, as long as you are traveling with in the United States of America. However if you happen to be traveling outside of the United States than the amount of companies that will insure you go down, your premiums will be more expensive and you’re less likely to be excepted as a customer. Should you be traveling inside United States and are anywhere from 60 to 80 years of age then this should not be a very difficult thing to get. There are several key things that the insurance companies will take an extra hard look at but that most important document is your car accident report.

Most corporations know that by 80 years of age you’re not likely to do something dangerous like deep sea diving so as long as you’re car accident report is good as in you have not had one in five or more years than you should be accepted with relative ease and get a good premium. However if you accident in the last few years than your premium will be a lot more if you are able to get travel insurance even in this circumstance you have a very good chance to getting senior travel insurance if you’re traveling inside of the United States.

Now if you are traveling outside the US than your premiums automatically go up, the extent to which they go up will largely depend upon where you’re going. If you’re traveling to Europe they will not be as high, however if you are traveling to someone a light Brazil or Argentina where there is a larger rural population and is considered  second to third world than your premiums will go up substantial. If you have a pasts record of living in these countries for years then they might charge you a little less however most corporations will not insurer you outside of the United States.

Getting senior travel insurance will mostly depend upon your past record of risk-taking let’s say you are 50 years of age and still highly active and go parasailing you are less likely to be excepted as a client because you do risky things. For the insurance company they will be looking for clients that take very little risk so that they are likely to make money and not have to pay any of it out. So when making your statement to the company of what you’ll be doing on your vacation or your travel you probably want to keep the details as clean and risk-free as possible. A good example of this would be that you will be spending two weeks of nothing but RR and R at a hotel and don’t plan to leave the premise.

Now of course very few people would actually do this, it is just an example of someone that would get excepted as a client because if you’re insurer see that than they see someone that is low risk. Then you odds go up because you’re not going to get injured or anything like that while sitting around enjoying a hotel. When making your submission you should keep the details as to date as possible tell them that you do not plan to be doing too much driving and flying around an airplane. Probably the largest reason why these corporations have to pay out is that you get into a car accident, this is the most risky thing that you could do. Normally he is that you plan to do nothing but spend fall hours in a car traveling around the hills of Europe or wherever this is a relatively risky proposal.

Truly how you plan to spend your vacation or stay at your desired location really matter so that and you should keep in mind that the car is the most dangerous thing to their pocketbooks so try to keep this part very vague in your application for travel insurance. Let’s say you are traveling to Europe there are many great travel insurance companies that will insure you from Europe for your stay in your stay in Europe. You are not completely eliminated to a US company and many of the European companies are more likely to back you for European vacation this is normally the best option and you’ll probably end up paying the smallest monthly.

If you’re traveling to a South American country than your options are minimal and typically very expensive. There are a couple of companies in the world that will insure you outside of Europe and the US. The only places you will be able to find a company that will insure you in South America is if they are located in your desired location. Setup should you be traveling to let’s say Caracas Venezuela then the only insurers you will find most likely for that destination ease in Caracas. And in order to be accepted as a client you will have to have a relatively extensive track record for traveling abroad. For seniors to get travel insurance in any mightiness city outside of the US and the EU is very expensive because you are a more high risk case. Often times the easiest way to get travel insurance in any South American country is to have connections and know someone inside of one of these companies and get him to help you get senior travel insurance or any travel insurance for a matter.

  • You should remember that getting senior travel insurance outside of the US as expensive and you need to apply early.
  • Also that there are many European companies that are sometimes a little more lenient about it except particularly if you’re a US citizen traveling to Europe.
  • Good luck and maybe insurance be with you.
  • Keep In Mind getting senior travel insurance is completely possible and a great thing to do.
  • You do not have to pay extra for Senior Travel Insurance