Life Insurance over 65

over 65 life insurance

over 65 life insurance

There are many citizens who believe getting life insurance over 65 is almost undoable. This is not accurate there are people that get it after 80. Many believe that only the healthiest and strongest get accepted. This is not entirely true there are plenty of corporations, which are willing to provide a great service and a better charge for elderly citizens. The advantage of using mostly EU corporations is that you’re a more likely to get accepted. However, depending on the exchange it might be more expensive than using a US company.

However, it might cost you more money to go with the US Corporation you have a far more likely chance to become accepted. If you do not have the best health and what an alternative to simply submitting a medical history than a (no) exam policy is for you. They are harder to get but with these you do not have to submit a health or medical exam, since the corporation is taking more risk the premiums are higher but for many it is worth it.

The other way to do it is to offer them a lot more money and see if they take off the offer, there are many managers or corporations that are willing to take on a higher paying customer even with more risk involved. A great person to consult is someone who works or worked in the industry, particularly a life insurance broker. Though getting life insurance over 65 is a relatively difficult process is important that you remember why you are doing this to help protect your family.

Premiums for Over 65 Life Insurance

Another great thing to show the insurance companies is your health is getting so much better any you are taking almost no risk of any kind, as long as you are relatively healthy have not smoked an excessive amount have not had drinking related or drug-related problems in the past and have a little more money to pay them then I would say you are pretty good off. Just make sure that all your paperwork is ready everything is correct and set up in the best way possible.