Neon Clothes (Lighting up the Night)

Capturing the attention of a night club, party, or other you want can easily be done in one of three ways and one of them is by using neon clothes. The first thing that girls, guys, or teens should know about neon is it was popular in the 1980’s and going from stunning to outdate isn’t hard. Also since neon has the brightest colors of any fashion it comes with an assumption from others you’re trying to stand out which can work against you or for your depending on few things.

Making Neon an Amazing Fashion


Style and fashion depends on the person and the look they are going for and what they can live with. If your just looking to stand out and don’t really care about how super bright near flamingo colored clothes might look to some and what they might say or assume then go all out. If you’re going for a sophisticated yet bright clubbing outfit then just going all out wont’ look like you have any class or style. That’s the issue not looking like something the cat dragged in and trying to stand out for a good sense of style and unique look.  So to make it easy we have found some great clubbing looks that are not only tight and hot but sophisticated.

 full neon dress  good neon skirt  addias neon


Most of the time going too far is the biggest issue that can ruin this excellent style. One of the main issues is a lot of girls in particular don’t like neon clothes. Some guys see it really negatively because over done can really give you a negative look.  So just know this style comes with some prejudice so does extremely tight shorts and shirts so nothing new.

Some simple Tips


(1)    Wear one piece to start and see how it goes.

(2)    Having a dark color counter outfit can go great

(3)    Accessories or on overcoat can be easier to pull off

(4)    Nike and sportswear is not only a tight fit but makes an awesome look for guys or girls

(5)    When going for style keeping it a little looser can help