Body Lotion Recipes

body lotion recipesYou can find a list of comprehensive body lotion recipes “here” that are organic that you can buy naturally or make homemade; what we want to do is tell you what to look for and then you can pick the best lotions for you.

Vitamins & Minerals + Hydration

Your skin in comprised of cells and each one is feed from your body’s natural process but as we all know taking vitamins or using lotion is important. Because it helps your skin cells do their job which is extremely important.

Skin Cancer

Protecting yourself from skin cancer is probably the most important reason for why you need to apply natural lotion regularly. As a lot of commercial “science” based lotions contain chemicals that are not natural for our bodies and can cause damage. Keep it organic and making your own homemade lotion is the best way to reduce your chances. You should think of your body as an organism a living thing which is that both absorbs and utilizes natural products so much easier then harsh chemical lotions.

Vitamins C Based

The best vitamin that you can intake to help overall healing and prevention of cancer is vitamin C. If you’re using a lotion or looking for a good natural product to use make sure one or two of them have an organic form of Vitamin c.

Good Ingredients for the Recipe

(High in Vitamin C)

  • Pineapple
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Tomato
  • Lime

For A more Extensive List “Good organic lotion Ingredients”


It helps your body really process and heals your skin. Two other really important thing about when your trying to hydrate your skin better drink a lot more water. Most adults don’t drink enough water in a day which only created the need for body lotion but could be cured simply by drinking more water well for now anyway.

The best lotions are homemade from organic products that are high in vitamins and really address your needs. If it’s moisture than the a tick oil base combine with vitamin C for good healing and deep hydration is the best. You really need to be the judge of what your skin and body needs.