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Neon Clothes (Lighting up the Night)

Capturing the attention of a night club, party, or other you want can easily be done in one of three ways and one of them is by using neon clothes. The first thing that girls, guys, or teens should know about neon is it was popular in the 1980’s and going from stunning to outdate isn’t hard. Also since neon has the brightest colors of any fashion it comes with an assumption from others you’re trying to stand out which can work against you or for your depending on few things.

Making Neon an Amazing Fashion


Style and fashion depends on the person and the look they are going for and what they can live with. If your just looking to stand out and don’t really care about how super bright near flamingo colored clothes might look to some and what they might say or assume then go all out. If you’re going for a sophisticated yet bright clubbing outfit then just going all out wont’ look like you have any class or style. That’s the issue not looking like something the cat dragged in and trying to stand out for a good sense of style and unique look.  So to make it easy we have found some great clubbing looks that are not only tight and hot but sophisticated.

 full neon dress  good neon skirt  addias neon


Most of the time going too far is the biggest issue that can ruin this excellent style. One of the main issues is a lot of girls in particular don’t like neon clothes. Some guys see it really negatively because over done can really give you a negative look.  So just know this style comes with some prejudice so does extremely tight shorts and shirts so nothing new.

Some simple Tips


(1)    Wear one piece to start and see how it goes.

(2)    Having a dark color counter outfit can go great

(3)    Accessories or on overcoat can be easier to pull off

(4)    Nike and sportswear is not only a tight fit but makes an awesome look for guys or girls

(5)    When going for style keeping it a little looser can help



A Stylish Approach for Neon Clothing and Teenagers


Neon clothes are a bright fashion that comes with an exceptional look and makes a great addition to just about anyone’s wardrobe but due to its bright colors it is tough to get right. The first thing we’re going to look at is what really says fashion because it will not only help you get this style right but any other one as well.


Fashion in your Future


The whole idea of fashion is to look better and come across in a certain way. If you’re wearing a suit your going for sophistication and what people have to know about fashion is the purpose. Knowing the reason why you’re going with a style is important and knowing what the style is really for is the key. Neon clothing is usually for parties or special pieces that help a person stick out from crowd thanks to the really bright colors. Now with that said the first thing people should know is less is more especially when you’re trying to rock a style.


Going All In


It’s tough to do this with any style, though gold chains, necklaces, earrings, and a gold bag might all look great individually add them all together you be might taking away the comparison or overpower the look. With any style looking like your trying to hard this is the fastest way to making people think you don’t have a sense of fashion. If you have ever seen expensive watch commercials or photos the background is usually dark. This is because it gives a nice comparison between the small dials and shinny finish of the watch.


Same with neon if you want to really rock this look, then don’t go in and get dress up as bright as a flamingo. Having one or two small pieces of neon is really the best way to go for several reasons. First, it keeps you from looking like you just want attention /to be seen, and when you’re wearing the brightest colors possible that doesn’t take all that much. For teenagers, the rules don’t change that much unless you’re taking this bright style to a party. If you’re a teen and going to a party, there is really only one word of advice for neon clothing, and that is make it unique. For teenagers neon party clothing just keep it simple customize it and wear a good antiperspirant that does not turn white after application; most importantly just don’t overdo it.


Electric Indoor Grill

Grill and Griddle ElectricWith electric indoor grills it’s tough to say one model is better another, what you need to know is what you want in yours and what to look for. Starting from the traditional charcoal grill to the more common gas/propane all the way to the newest electric grills; needless to say this is the youngest of the three.

The Grill

There is a difference between  and a griddle and a grill. One is flat “Griddle” and the other has arches. Don’t be confused because some griddles don’t get as hot as electric indoor grills which are designed to cook meats. A cheap griddle is meant to cook things like eggs and pancakes usually. Size plays a very important role when you’re buying one of these as they tend to be difficult to fit and put away due to their shape. Going to big is usually not a good idea for indoors.


 Eclectic Grill Reviews

It does matter what manufacturer or model you’re looking for always look for reviews on that specific one. There are some great electric grills that are easy and last for years others “Not even close”. So be sure you go on like Wal-Mart or online retail sites to check out the reviews before you buy.


Power Usage / Breaking


The largest issue with these unites is they can take a lot of power and if you don’t up keep them well they do break. Since these are still somewhat new to the market it doesn’t matter how much you pay for one you still have to take good care of it if you want it to live. Most find it really nice for grilling in the winter when it’s snowing outside when you still want a good hamburger. Overall though the half grill half griddle is usually the best investment and is used the most.