All Natural Body Lotion is The Best Approach

Completely natural organic lotion is the best possible skin care you can use on your body. No endless line of weird chemicals just all natural soft, vitamin rich, and deep hydrating minerals to keep your skin moist for longer which is exactly what you want.

Skins Organic So Use Natural Products


So many people ask the question which body lotion is the best and can cure my dry skin. Well you don’t need to be a chemist to understand the best recipe to make. When it comes to “how to moisturize your precious skin the best” keep it all natural.

Natural Extracts


  • Coconut
  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Raspberry

You can find these in 100% all natural usually organically grown for the best quality online or in health food stores.

How to Apply

So you know the best body lotions are the all natural ones but how and when should you apply them to get the best benefit. Well over application of even a natural product can cause skin pores to clog up which isn’t what you’re looking for. When you’re applying lotion you want enough to sink in deep and hydrate your skin but not clog. Applying lotion regularly is needed to keep your skin very moist especially if you have dry skin.

How to get any lotion to sink in and completely moisturize is give it enough time usually applying right before you go to sleep gives it all nigh to sink in. This gets you the absolute best results with any lotion especially natural products.

The best lotions are the ones that get you the results you want and do the most for your skin. A list of common organic products and their effects can be found here. Most people who go the natural route make their own lotions which are usually a combination of lotions or creams so they can put on one thing at night mot 3. This complete approach combine with the fact it’s all natural and healthy for your skin is the absolute best possible option.