10 Tips to keep Skin healthy & Looking Younger

best ten Tips

best ten Tips

No matter how old or young you are there are a number of ways to heal, keep healthy, and improve your skin. To either make it look tighter, younger, or just more radiant it’s never late or too early to start keeping your body skin & body healthy.

Tip 1

Water is the main element that is needed in energy synthesis in cells with constant sun exposure or cold temperatures your skin cells can dry out. This is why applying moisturizer or a cream to keep your skin healthy is important and helps people age far better.

Tip 2

Constantly keeping your pores and skin clean is important the main reason you don’t want to overdo any skin care or lotion. Now if you use modern day soaps with a laundry list of tough cleaning agents and chemicals it can cause your skin to dry up quickly and is not recommended for constant use. Refer to Tip 1 as the solution to this problem.

 Tip 3

Avoid using products with alcohol or other drying agents on your skin to constantly. These dry out and break down your skin faster than “bad chemicals” found in various health, acne, and other products.

Tip 4

Because of increased chemical modifications to products people are buying more organic ones which have far less additives and better for your body and skin in the long run.

Tip 5

Getting regular exercise that makes you sweat is crucial to your body and skins health. With the increased amount of manufactured foods, genetically modified products, and general increase in toxins our bodies are struggling to get them out. Sweating is its best way to remove this toxic waist and this keeps your cells/skin happy and clean.

Tip 6

Eating right is very important especially for your skin eating enough greens and vegetables is important. Your body especially internal organs get first dibs at the vitamins and minerals which leave only so much for your skin and tendons. So making sure you get more than the recommended amount is important because it will help everything and probably your quality of life at the same time.

Tip 7

Drink enough water, most of the time people wait till they are thirsty to get a drink. This is far less than they should be getting hydration. Our bodies are ~55 percent water and again the vital organs and cells get first dibs at the resources then it goes to your skin. It’s important that you not only drink enough water but sweat because it pushes the water toward your skin. Most studies show people should drink 8 full glasses of water a day to stay properly hydrated.

Tip 8

Get enough vitamin D but don’t burn your skin, getting burnt can cause your skin to develop spots and freckles which are removable with the right lotions, but can take a while. Tanning with spf lotion or low spf sun block is a great way to get vitamin D without burring your skin.

Tip 9

Get enough sleep so your body recovers properly every night this makes a huge health difference but also keeps away bags under your eyes and heals any sun damage from the day before.

Tip 10

Working out and weight lifting in particular removes excess fat that sits on muscles or bone which if you burn off, the skin will tighten up leaving a leaner younger look.